Re-Admitting Student

Previous Athens State students who have not been enrolled in coursework for two or more semesters, excluding a summer term, will need to re-admit.

Re-Admission Process

  1. Submit a Link tore-admission form
  2. Contact the Student Success Center for guidance to re-enroll.

The center can help you:

  • Reevaluate degree options
  • Understand any new requirements
  • Help address any questions
  • Plan coursework
  • Utilize student tools and recourses (Degree Works)
  • Find the appropriate contact for any outstanding question


Not sure if you need to submit the Re-Admission Form?

  • If you enrolled in courses in fall and did not enroll in courses during the following spring, summer, and the then next fall, enroll in classes in spring or then after would require re-admission.
  • If you conferred a degree or another program from Athens State and you are starting a new program or degree, you must submit a new application for the new program/degree.