Prospective Students

As a prospective student, you are considering applying to Athens State for the upcoming or future semester.

Upper-Division University

Athens State is an upper-division institution offering college coursework for more than 50 bachelor’s degrees. All classes at Athens State are at the junior/300 and senior/400 level.

To ensure you meet Link toadmission requirements and you complete the correct general education core courses for your future Athens State bachelor’s, please connect with an Athens State rep, listed below, and/or review the AGSC & STARS Guide.

All core general education requirements for each degree are listed in the current Link toUniversity Academic Catalog and Athens State reps are available to assist.

Athens State Representatives Available to Assist

Less than 32 college-level credit hours earned? Prospective students should contact admissions or a community college rep.

More than 32 college-level credit hours earned? Prospective students are welcome to contact the Students Success Center staff.

Did you know that Athens State has employees located at many of the northern Alabama community colleges?

*Appointments are welcomed

Transfer Course Equivalency Guide

Have a question about a specific course at your college, search it on the Link toAthens State Transfer Course Equivalency Guide to see what it will be articulated to when you transfer to Athens State.


It is always a good idea to look ahead at the requirements for the bachelor’s degree you plan to pursue to ensure you are selecting courses to fill bachelor’s requirements.