New Students

As a new student, you have submitted your application, been accepted, and are ready to begin classes in an upcoming term at Athens State.

A New Student Must:

  1. Understand their starting point
  2. Understand all general education requirements for the chosen bachelor’s: What requirements are met and what are outstanding/ still needed.
    • It is important to understand where transfer credits fill specific requirements for the selected bachelor’s degree.
    • Depending on the major, this can drive the coursework selection for the first semester(s).
  3. Understand how to use your customized Degree Works advising tool for course navigating and planning.
    • This tool shows core course requirements and indicates where transfer credits are applied.
    • It is important not only to know how to use this tool but also to understand how to read the information.
  4. Understand the “How-tos”
    • How to register for classes
    • How to plan future semesters
    • How to build a framework for critical steps: Items to consider for your major at Athens State.

The Orientation Guide can answer many common new student questions and orientate you to important tools and resources.

Common Topics Discussed Unique to Each Student

Includes the following list below, but may not be limited to only these:

  • The overall plan of required coursework and credit hours, referred to as a “plan of study”
  • How previous credits will transfer to meet general education requirements
  • Selection of different degree options and how previous credits will be applied (“What if” in Degree Works)
  • Options to complete any gaps in general education requirements
  • How the Curriculum Adjustment process works for transfer classes that may be applicable to the general education or major requirements that transferred as “general electives” rather than a specific degree requirement as shown on the Link toAthens State Transfer Course Equivalency Guide.
  • Navigating and using Degree Works to select classes for registration and how-to register

Assignment of a Faculty Advisor(s)

  • New students will be assigned a faculty advisor(s) specific to their major and also for some minors such as education. Faculty advisors become the primary resource for students as they progress deeper into degree major/minor specific requirements.
  • Secondary education students who minor in education, your minor (education) faculty advisor will be your key point of contact for teacher certification questions.


Be sure to use Degree Works to review course offerings and degree requirements. This tool will answer any questions about what is offered and in what teaching formats as you plan your future semesters.