“Straight Talk About Race” Lunch & Learn Event

“Straight Talk About Race” Lunch & Learn Event

Lunch and Learn Event

Dateline: October 29, 2018

On October 17, 2018, Dr. Darlene Turner-White, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, and Dr. Stephen Spencer, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, hosted a Lunch and Learn seminar titled “Straight Talk About Race” in the University Library. Over thirty faculty and staff members attended to discuss ways to bring about change in our society beginning at Athens State.

The seminar focused on how the University views diversity in all of its forms and what goals Athens State has to ensure its diverse population of students, faculty, and staff are respected and treated as equals. Athens State’s vision is to provide a supporting environment for each student and demonstrate the importance of the diverse and interdependent nature of our state and society.

Every great journey to improvement starts with one small step. Athens State has several goals to achieve this, including communicating the importance to University graduates to recognize and value human differences as well as to understand how those differences enrich communities.

The seminar addressed issues in our culture and left attendees more determined to make a difference in their community when it comes to the treatment of diverse groups. Showing respect to people as individuals is the key to successful relationship building and leaves a positive impact to all members of our society.

Future events are being planned to further openly discuss diversity and what the faculty and staff at Athens State can do in the process of continuous improvement.