Sandridge Hall to Undergo Renovations to Better Serve Students

Sandridge Hall to Undergo Renovations to Better Serve Students


Sandridge Hall to Undergo Renovations to Better Serve Students

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Sandrige Student CenterAthens State University will soon be making upgrades that will allow the faculty and staff to better meet the needs of both current and prospective students. Renovations at Sandridge Hall, originally built in the 1970’s, are scheduled to begin in early fall.

The planned upgrades will benefit students throughout the admissions and enrollment process. By providing a convenient, streamlined center to complete each step, students will have a centralized location in Sandridge Hall for all enrollment-related needs. At this center, a student will be able to complete all functions of the enrollment process, including applying for admission, registering for classes, making payments, and purchasing books and supplies. Other planned upgrades will allow the building to be more accessible, ensuring individuals who have limited mobility are able to easily navigate the space.

Sandridge Hall currently serves as the University’s student center and houses the on-campus dining services, meeting space, and various employee offices. Certain student-related offices will be relocated to temporary buildings at Beasley Field during the renovations to allow University staff members to assist students with limited disruption. Beasley Field is located directly in front of Sandridge Hall near Hobbs Street. Additional information concerning temporary office locations will be provided before the move takes place.

As a dated building in need of several updates to better serve the Athens State community, other phases of renovations could be planned in the future. Creating a more modern, accessible, and convenient space for students is the primary goal at this stage of the project, and other needs will be assessed at a later date. Current renovations are expected to be completed in less than a year.

Food Fite, the on-campus provider of dining services, and the Ballroom will not be impacted during these renovations.  Additionally, the annual Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention, held on the Athens State campus the first weekend of October each year, will not be significantly impacted. The east end of Beasley Field will be available for recreational vehicle parking, along with locations behind the University Library between Pryor Street and Elkton Road.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]