Fonts and Typefaces

Using proper typography standards is an important part of branding the University’s identity. Bringing consistency to documents and other media helps unify the brand by defining font and character styles, sizes, and applications. The primary typeface for the Athens State identity is Bauer Text Initials. This typeface imitates a Greek-style which compliments the design of the ionic capital that forms the top of each of the four famous Corinthian columns which adorn the front of Founders Hall, and which is represented in the University logo.

Core Typeface

The approved core typefaces are those that comprise our Athens State University logo, Trajan Pro, and Futura LT. For Google fonts, Futura should be open sans.

Secondary Typefaces

There are a few approved secondary typefaces that marry well with Trajan Pro and Futura. We tried to allow for script fonts, text fonts, title fonts, and both serif and san serif styles to give a wider variety to typeface choices. As with the approved colors, these should be used sparingly and not all at the same time.

Palace Script MT
Palatino Linotype
Engravers MT
Lucinda Handwriting
Ugly Qua