Why Your Gift Matters

Give to Athens State

Be Part of the Athens State Community
Giving shows you are part of the Athens State Community. You are part of our active community, filled with people who love their experiences here and want to continue to be part of Athens State’s life. As an alumnus or friend, you choose to stay connected and include the University in your mix of philanthropic priorities.

Enrich the Athens State Experience
Your gift to Athens State ensures that students will receive the special opportunities and additional financial assistance they need and deserve. Generous donors make possible many wonderful programs, scholarships, and day-to-day support for our hard-working students. Annual giving allows the University to create, maintain, and augment the unique academic and caring environment that makes Athens State a great place to work and to earn an education.

Pay It Forward
As an alumnus, think about your time at Athens State–the lectures, study groups, trips, and experiences you took part in. A gift to Athens State ensures current students continue to have the opportunities you did. By giving back you demonstrate that Athens State is important to you and that you want us to continue pursuing the educational mission set forth by the community founders and church leaders so many years ago. You value the pay off of investing in an educational institution that prepares students for the next generations’ challenges.

Say Yes to Athens State
When you give to Athens State, you are voting with your dollar. You are saying “yes” to the University’s mission, “yes” to the academic experience; and “yes” to the University’s future. It’s as simple as that–you support meaningful, worthwhile education, and we thank you for your investment in our current and future students.

As an alumnus or a friend, your gift–together with the gifts of thousands of others – provides our students the excellence we expect for them and demand of them.

Every Gift Matters
Every single gift matters, no matter the size. When publications such as U.S News & World Report determine a school’s ranking or when corporation or foundations consider grant funding, they look at the percentage of alumni and faculty/staff that give to the University annually. Here are examples of the significance of your individual gift:

  • $50,000 – funds a Presidential Scholarship for students with outstanding achievement and leadership
  • $25,000 – funds an Endowed Scholarship for students with outstanding achievement and leadership
  • $16,575 – covers the full average annual cost to the University to educate one student
  • $1,000 – allows a faculty member to attend a professional conference and improve their teaching ability
  • $1,000 – buys a computer for a lab
  • $250 – purchases a specialized academic version of a software package for teaching and learning opportunities
  • $180 – covers the cost of a teaching internship fee
  • $50 – funds student lab or studio fee for a science or art class for one semester