Recognition of Gift Clubs and Societies

Gift Clubs and Societies were created in 2010 to recognize the various participation levels of annual donors, life-time donors, and planned gift donors.

Heritage Roll of Honor
The Heritage Roll of Honor recognizes individuals, who desire to help meet the needs of today, and have contributed cumulative gifts of $100,000 or more to the University and/or Foundation.

Legacy Club
The Legacy Club recognizes individuals who desire to help meet the needs of the future by contributing through their estate plans. They have remembered the University and/or Foundation in their wills, through an insurance policy, or through an annuity or trust. Some form of a written agreement, copy of the will, codicil, or trust document must be provided to the University.

President’s Club
The President’s Club recognizes calendar-year contributions of $1,000 or more by all donors (individuals, businesses, corporations, foundations, and organizations). Within the President’s Club, four annual giving societies are recognized:

1822 Society – $25,000
Founder’s Society – $10,000
Columns Society – $5,000
Athenian Society – $1,000

Every gift is vital to the success of Athens State University and the following clubs recognize annual donors as stakeholders in the Institution’s future.

Bell Tower Club – $500
Blue and White Club – $250.
Loyalty Club –up to $249