First-Year Faculty Experience

An Athens State University faculty mentor is an experienced and trusted faculty member who works with a first-year faculty member (a.k.a., protégé) participating in the First-Year Faculty Experience.  A faculty mentor serves as an available resource, a supportive and friendly guide, a respectful advocate, and an active listener for the protégé.

The Athens State University First-Year Faculty Experience will become a culture of mentoring faculty members culminating in the long-term success of all faculty members who have participated in the program.

The program provides a supportive framework for its new faculty members (protégés) to achieve success by strategically assigning mentors to protégés leading to a professionally trusting relationship.  Moreover, the First-Year Faculty Experience offers opportunities for protégés to interact across academic departments, colleges, and other university units through engaging, collaborative, informational sessions, and workshops.

Program Goals

  1. To help new faculty members acclimate to the Athens State academic, administrative, and physical environments.
  2. To understand the meaning and the execution of effective teaching at Athens State University
  3. To foster a relationship with a faculty mentor that should be free from scrutiny, creating a relationship in which a new faculty member has a sense of discretion when sharing concerns regarding general or specific aspects of the academic appointment
  4. To provide a forum through which new faculty members discuss how to promote student success
  5. To assist in the retention of good faculty members
  6. To establish a sense of camaraderie among the new faculty members across colleges and appreciation for members of the staff and administration
  7. To educate new mentors about the mentoring process
  8. To establish a desire among faculty to serve as a mentor or serve multiple times as a mentor.

Contact Information
Ronald L. Merritt, Jr., Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 256-233-6527

Members of the 2020-21 FYFE Cohort

Dr. Robert Torregrosa

Dr. Robert Torregrosa
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Sara Cline
College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. John Wells

Dr. John Wells
Assistant Professor of Occupational Health and Safety Management
College of Business

Dr. John Berzett
College of Business