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Faculty and Staff Honored for Meritorious Service

Faculty and Staff Honored for Meritorious Service

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]At the recent Inservice Meeting of the faculty and staff of Athens State University, President Bob Glenn bestowed awards on fourteen employees in acknowledgement of superior service to the University: Nine employees received the Individual Meritorious Recognition Award, and five employees received the Presidential Award for Meritorious Performance.

“Looking out on our team gathered each fall for Inservice, I realize how lucky we are as an institution to have such a remarkable and dedicated group that makes Athens State great,” states Glenn. “Our hard-working and devoted faculty and staff rival any collegiate group in the country and this is one small way we can recognize their loyalty and the successes they bring to our campus.”

Recognition was given for a variety of accomplishments — from developing cost-saving measures within university processes, to developing mentoring programs for underserved groups, to publicly advocating for Athens State’s mission, to the creation of “the world’s best one-block Mardi Gras parade.”

The Individual Meritorious Recognition Award recognizes employees for single efforts of employee performance that meet or exceed expectations as defined by the University Vision, Mission, Goals, and College Specific Goals and Objectives. Specifically, this program recognizes and awards individuals who provide outstanding service, implement a substantive new idea, or meaningfully contribute to or design an organizational initiative that reflects above and beyond what is expected.

The 2014 recipients for the Individual Meritorious Recognition Award are Associate Professor of Art Gail Bergeron, Assistant Professor of Career and Technical Education Bridgette Chandler, Associate Professor of Education Wendy Cowan, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Financial Affairs Barbara Ferguson, Director of the Academic Technology Services and Instructional Design Mark Gale, Assistant Professor of Accounting Stacie Hughes, Assistant Professor of Elementary Education Lisa Hyde, Associate Professor of Mathematics Ronald Merritt and Assistant Professor of Operations Management Kim Roberts.

“All of us love the University and find great joy in seeing it do well,” states Wendy Cowan. “I appreciate the recognition and can only share it with my colleagues in the College of Education. We’re a great team.”

The Presidential Award for Meritorious Performance program recognizes employees who have demonstrated sustained quality and excellence in the performance of their duties. In particular, the award program strives to recognize employees whose continued high performance significantly improves operations and outcomes in an area or department.

The 2014 recipients for the Presidential Award for Meritorious Performance are Assistant to the Director of Physical Plant Paula Bullington, Associate Professor of Accounting Linda Hemingway, Information Systems Coordinator Nikki Johns, Maintenance Superintendent Dwight Lovell and Enrollment Advisor Penny Roberts.

“The true honor is being able to work with such great people,” states Penny Roberts. “I have worked at Athens State for 26 years and it feels like home. I appreciate the recognition.”

Both award groups were publicly recognized during the August meeting and were presented with a certificate and monetary prize. The awards are made eligible to any full-time faculty or staff members who have been employed in their current position for three years. Nominations for the awards are taken from the recipients’ supervisors each spring.

Glenn spearheaded the drive to create this recognition program last year. He realized that the good work done by exceptional employees needed a type of formal recognition. He created an awards committee that includes the Presiding Officers of the Faculty and Staff Senates, the Directors of Human Resources and the Career Development Center and other members of the faculty and staff.

“I inherited a very capable team when I came to Athens State and appreciate the good work that they do,” added Glenn. “They make my job very easy and make the University look good every day. I appreciate each and every one of them daily, but it feels good to kick-off an academic year by pointing to our brightest stars.”

This was the first year the awards were given in recognition of outstanding service. Going forward, they will be bestowed annually at the fall Inservice convocation.

Story Date: September 9, 2014