Dollar General Literacy Grant Awarded to Athens State

Dollar General Literacy Grant Awarded to Athens State

Dateline: September 10, 2018

Athens State University was recently awarded a Youth Literacy Grant of $2,000 from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. The grant will provide aid for students who are below grade level or are having trouble with reading by funding schools, public libraries, and nonprofit organizations. The funding provided will assist in areas such as commissioning new or enhancing current literacy programs, purchasing new technology or equipment to assist with literacy initiatives, and acquiring books, materials or software for literacy programs.

Founded in 1993, the Dollar General Foundation was established in honor of Dollar General co-founder, J.L. Turner, who was illiterate with only a third-grade education. After his father passed away at a young age, Turner dropped out of school to support his family, and thus never learned to read very well. He desired to better his life by learning as much as he could and wanted to make a difference for many others under similar circumstances. This passion has kept the foundation flourishing by numerous others with the same goal.

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation offers multiple programs each year that are available to qualifying organizations within the 44 states where Dollar General stores are located. Additionally, the organization has awarded over $159 million in grants to literacy organizations that have helped over 10 million people learn to read, prepare for GED’s, or learn the English language since its establishment.

Thanks to the generosity of the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, numerous educational departments, including Athens State University, will use the assets given to provide support to those who wish to improve their skills. For more information regarding the Dollar General Literacy Foundation and their cause, please visit