Goals & Objectives

Phi theta Kappa Honor Society


  • To provide aid to transfer students’ social and educational adjustment to the rigors of Athens State University life
  • To provide assistance to the Office of Recruitment and Transfer/Advising Center
  • To build awareness of the quality of the transfer students
  • To work to ensure the continued academic excellence of Phi Theta Kappa members


  • Stay abreast of Phi Theta Kappa programs and people through publications
  • Provide recognition to outstanding two-year college members and advisors
  • Assist two-year college chapters by providing speakers for programs
  • Provide support for two-year chapter members to attend regional and international events and meetings
  • Encourage businesses to provide funds and supplies to support two-year chapters
  • Work in collaborative activities with the two-year chapters to support the college and the North Alabama community
  • Support the Society’s two-year programs and people by contributing to Phi Theta Kappa’s scholarship and special funds
  • Serve as mentors to two-year chapter members preparing to transfer to Athens State University or enter the workforce
  • Encourage the establishment of Phi Theta Kappa designated scholarships at Athens State University
  • Provide programs and materials designed to ease members transfer from the two-year college to Athens State
  • Provide other assistance when appropriate