Criminal Justice Student Association

As a criminal justice, juvenile justice studies, child advocacy, forensics/computer forensic, and political science, student-led organization, CJSA is comprised of undergraduate students. CJSA is an active component of the Government and Public Administration Department. Students who become members of this student organization learn more about the criminal justice field. They also gain valuable experience and information through a variety of academic programs, events, conferences, and other activities. Students receive opportunities to participate in community service and research projects, interact with faculty and practitioners in the field, and gain access to academic and career resources.

CJSA was introduced and created during the 2012 spring semester at Athens State. This student organization is experiencing continued student enrollment and growth. During the past three years, CJSA has hosted various forums, symposiums, and community service projects. Some examples include hosting annual CJ Spring and Fall forums with guest speakers, such as Jeremiah Hodges, ESQ. of Hodges Trial Lawyers, P.C. and Mrs. Angela Henderson, Coordinator of Calhoun Community College’s API and Job Readiness Program, Major Stacey Watson, Dr. Jerry Armor, and Dr. Jess Brown. CJSA has also participated in various community service projects within the community, such as, Red Cross, United Way, St. Jude, Women in Defense, TIP of Alabama, LEI, Fiddlers’ Convention, YEA conference, Limestone County/ Athens Child Advocacy Center, Family Resource Center, Boys and Girls Club, just to name a few. CJSA also has collaborated with various surrounding schools to offer children Halloween Candy and Safety Tips and Anti-Bullying Awareness sections. CJSA hosted a Voter’s Registration Drive on campus to connect academics with political awareness efforts. In addition, CJSA travels to other universities to participate in workshops and conferences related to leadership, minority, child advocacy, domestic violence, and other law-related programs to keep criminal justice students actively connected to their field.

CJSA Membership is for students with a major or minor in criminal justice or political science. Currently, the membership dues are $5 per year. If you are interested in joining you can visit the criminal justice web page at, academic programs, criminal justice; or direct links to complete the application.