Clubs & Organizations

Registered Student Organizations at Athens State University represent a wide variety of fields, departments, and interests. As important elements in the co-curricular options offered at Athens State, student organizations offer group members opportunities to enhance, explore, apply, practice, and integrate knowledge and skills gained through the pursuit of academic study.

Athens State students are strongly encouraged to participate in these clubs and organizations as an integral component of the total college experience.

Registered Student Organizations

Student membership in the Institute of Management Accountants has a threefold purpose:

  1. To introduce management accounting to students planning careers in business
  2. To strengthen the knowledge and commitment of those already on the way to management accounting careers
  3. To demonstrate how IMA members work together to improve the science of management accounting

IMA membership provides opportunities for students to associate with practicing management accountants; to see how they live, work, and apply their knowledge; and to learn that professionals are seriously devoted to their field and to high ethical standards.

How to Join
It's simple to join the Athens State University IMA Student Chapter (Accounting Club), and we would love to have you join!

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Be a student at Athens State enrolled in at least 6 hours
  2. Be a student member of the Institute of Management Accountants (only costs $25 and details are below)
  3. Email your IMA member number to

That's it. It's so easy, but there are so many benefits you receive as a member. Being a member of the IMA gets you access to scholarships and awards, mentoring, conferences, publications, tons of discounts, and so much more. Being a member of the Accounting Club is just as beneficial. We go on plant and industry tours so you can see the things that we talk about in class come to life. We do tons of community service which improves our community but also boosts your resume (we have worked with CASA, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, Limestone County Food Bank, and animal rescue organizations). We go to conferences and other educational events, compete with other student chapters across the U.S., have educational meetings on campus, and tons more. While our activities may start off more virtual this year, you do not want to miss out on all our IMA Student Chapter has to offer.

You can be involved as much or as little as you want. We're not a high-pressure organization. But the first step is to become a member!

How to Become a Student Member of the IMA
Go to, click on "Join Today," and follow the instructions to register as a new user. The discount code will automatically be applied to your account if you go through the link mentioned above by September 30th. Even though it will look like your membership fee is $39, when you check out the discount will make it$25. Enter "Muscle Shoals (212)" as your parent chapter and "Athens State" as your student chapter. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional information! As stated earlier, please email your IMA member number to Professor Nelson as soon as you get it!


Dr. Diann Hammon, CPA / (256) 216-5360

Professor Chris Nelson, CFE / (256) 216-5380

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Active Minds empowers students to change the perception about mental health on college campuses. Active Minds supports a network of campus-based chapters across the United States and Canada that consist of students passionate about mental health advocacy and education. Chapter goals are to educate peers about mental health, connect students to resources, and change negative perceptions about mental health disorders. The chapter is open to all students.  Contact information:  Dr. Vanessa Miller at or Lisa Philippart, LPC, DCC at   

2019-20 Club Flyer

Charted Fall 2019, the Athens State University Student Branch of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) purpose shall be to foster and organize professional development and networking of it student and faculty members with industry, government, and community specifically in the areas of aeronautics and aerospace technology, project management, accounting, and engineering for the purpose of personal and professional growth and employment.

Advisor: Prof. Wayne McCain, PMP,

APICS, the educational society for resource management, is an international organization offering a full range of programs and materials on the latest business management concepts and techniques. APICS is open to all students. For information contact one of our advisors, Dr. Michael Essary by email or call (256) 216-5376, and Dr. Jim Kerner by email.

APICS Website

The Athenian Ambassadors are the official hosts and hostesses for Athens State University and serve as the face of the University on campus and within the greater Athens State community. Members serve as representatives for the University, greet distinguished guests, and assist with campus and Alumni events. For questions about the Athenian Ambassador program, please contact Beth Jenkins at 256-233-8159 or

Athenian Ambassadors Website

The Athenian Players exists to stimulate interest in theatre activities and productions through the Drama & Theatre Arts program of Athens State University, housed within the Alabama Center for the Arts. Each year the Athenian Players will produce several theatrical productions, drawing cast and crew from Athens State University students, faculty and staff, as well as community college students and the local Alabama community at large. The Athenian Players enrich the vibrancy of Decatur and Northern Alabama through the creation of live theatre. The Athenian Players acts as a supplemental academic experience for our students, granting ASU students hands-on, experiential learning through acting, design, stage management, and production.

Membership is inclusive to regularly enrolled Athens State University students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as Community College students and our community at large.

Contact our Advisors: Prof. Jacki Vadney by email or call 256-260-4295 and Prof. Hugh Long by email or call 256-260-3006.

Athenian Players Website

The Athens State University Art Club sponsors events and programs to inform students, faculty and staff, and the community about the arts and involves all interested persons in artistic activities. Membership is open to the public. For more information contact our advisors, Prof. Jacki Vadney by email or call (256) 260-4295, or Prof. Mary Beth Johns by email (256) 260-4291.

The purpose of the Black Student Union is to advocate for the intellectual, human, and systemic needs of African Americans, African, Afro-Caribbean, and Afro-Latino peoples at Athens State by educating and providing our peers with the essential resources required to ensure the higher success rate for each individual within our community.

The Black Student Union membership is open to any currently enrolled student at Athens State University, full time or part-time. Membership is granted to any student indicating an interest in being a member by signing the membership roster at any meeting or notifying the Secretary or Advisor of the BSU of their intention to be included in the membership. All members have voting privileges.

Richard Collie, Director of Student Inclusion Initiatives

Members of the CJSA are undergraduate students and alumni who are studying criminal justice or who are considered credible practitioners in the criminal justice field and are affiliated with Athens State University. All members must maintain high standards and exemplary moral and ethical behavior. For more information contact Dr. Quanda Stevenson by email or call (256) 233-6515.

Criminal Justice Student Association Website

Chartered Fall 2019 at Athens State, the purpose of the Cyber-Frontiers Club is to promote cybersecurity awareness for Athens State University faculty, staff, students, and the community. The Cyber-Frontiers Club is to supplement classroom curricula with education at meetings, participating in collegiate and other cyber competitions, and establishing an environment that fosters education by sharing cyber concepts. The Cyber-Frontiers Club will encourage cybersecurity awareness and the application of cybersecurity techniques by the added involvement with the tools and education needed to advance cybersecurity careers.

Advisor: Prof Darren Waldrep

The Health and Physical Education Club is open to all students pursuing majors or minors in health, physical education, wellness, and related programs. The purpose of this organization is to develop leadership, scholarship, and professional awareness in all members. Members may also join the state or national organizations in order to attend and make presentations at state, regional, or national conferences. For more information contact Dr. William Davis by email.

The purpose of the Health and Science Career Club is to promote interest in the field of science, provide educational and training opportunities in the health and science fields, and provide opportunities for participation in co-operative and volunteer work in health and science professions. The Club sponsors group hikes, presentations, tours of facilities, and community service activities. For more information  Dr. Sara Cline by email or call (256) 233-6507.

Students majoring in any discipline, and especially those majoring in mathematics or computer science are encouraged to participate in the MACS Club. Traditionally, the club members assist with one of the largest music festivals held in the Southeast hosted by the University, raise funds to contribute to worthwhile causes, and aspire to raise awareness of the importance of mathematics. Occasionally, MACS members enjoy group visits to local industries or space flight agencies. For more information contact Dr. Katia Maxwell by email or call (256) 233-6526.

MACS Website

Chartered Fall 2019 at Athens State, the National Society of Leadership and Success “Sigma Alpha Pi “ has been established to create a support group that will help college students achieve their goals and better their lives, in the process building leaders who make a better world.


Prof. John Moore:
Dr. Darlene Turner-White:
Dr. Darlene Turner-White:
Richard Collie, Coordinator for Student Inclusion Initiatives:

The Society for Human Resource Management is the leading voice of the HR profession. The Athens State Student Chapter allows students to gain access to an immense information resource at the local, regional, state, and national level, and to have opportunities to meet HR practitioners so as to develop personal contacts and networks. The organization also offers professional development workshops, access to HR conferences, and creates visibility for recruitment for HR internships and permanent HR opportunities. For more information contact one of our club advisors, Prof. Saralyn Mitchell email or call 256-216-5358 and Prof. Gary Huckaby email or call 256-216-5382.

Society for Human Resource Management Club Website

The Athens State SAEA is an organization open to all students majoring in programs offered by the College of Education. The SAEA is a division of the Alabama Education Association and the National Education Association (NEA), and offers opportunities for personal growth, supportive friendships, and liability insurance for preservice teachers.

For more information view the info sheet or contact Dr. Johnnie Lundin by email or call (256) 216-6618.

The purpose of the Student Abroad Club is to provide a meeting place for any Athens State student who enjoys travel and to introduce them to study abroad opportunities available in select locations around the world. Athens State typically offers a summer study aboard opportunity for students. The club will fundraise in order to make studying abroad a more affordable option for students.

Any student who would like to get involved with the Study Abroad Club should connect with any of the faculty advisors:

Dr. Joseph Dupre:
Dr. Vanessa Miller:
Dr. Letitia Bergantz:

Student Governance

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves as the voice of students at Athens State University. It provides leadership experience to students and serves as a bridge, connecting students, organizations, and the campus community. Students are elected to positions within SGA. SGA holds regularly meeting throughout the semester. Contact the advisor Richard Collie by email or call 256-233-8278.

SGA Website

The purpose of the Interclub Council is to promote unification between the clubs and organizations and when needed, to act as a judiciary committee for the clubs and organizations. It is called to order by the president of the Student Government Association. Contact the advisor Richard Collie by email or call 256-233-8278.

Interclub Council Website

Honor Societies

Alpha Kappa Delta, the International Sociology Honor Society, seeks to acknowledge and promote excellence in scholarship in the study of sociology, the research of social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to an improvement in the human condition. Members must be Sociology majors or minors, rank in the top 35% of their class, have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in sociology courses taken, and have completed at least four sociology courses.  Contact Dr. James Gadberry for more information: or (256) 233-6539.

Beta Beta Beta, or more simply, TriBeta, is a national biology honors society that supports and promotes scientific research, especially among undergraduates. The Athens State Chapter, Mu Kappa Beta, is involved in student research, attending scientific conferences, and educational outreach. For more information contact Dr. Sara Cline by email or by phone at (256)233-6507.

Delta Mu Delta is an international honor society established to recognize and reward superior scholastic achievements of students majoring in business administration. For more information contact John Berzett by email or by calling (256)216-5385 or Debra Vaughn by email or by calling (256)216-5353.

Delta Mu Delta Website

Kappa Mu Epsilon (KME) is a specialized honor society in mathematics. The society was founded in 1931 to promote interest in mathematics among undergraduate students. The Alabama Alpha Chapter of KME was chartered in 1935 at then Athens College. For more information, For more information contact Patsy Glaze by email or call (256) 233-6503.

Information on the national organization may be found here.

Kappa Mu Epsilon Website

Kappa Pi International Art Honor Society promotes artistic excellence at the collegiate level and beyond by maintaining high academic excellence.  Kappa recognizes deserving artists and those interested in and supportive of the arts at Athens State University. ​

Contact Prof. Jessica Spowart by email or call 256-260-4320 and Prof. Jamie Adams by email or call 256-260-4297.

Kappa Delta Pi is an international education honor society. Membership in the Rho Gamma Chapter at Athens State is based on academic accomplishments (GPA), potential for academic leadership, and exemplification of worthy educational ideals. Candidates must maintain at least a 3.5 overall and 3.0 institutional GPA and have completed 20 hours at Athens State University.

Contact Information:
Dr. Letitia Bergantz
(256) 216-6619

Dr. Marla Williams
(256) 216-6637

Phi Alpha Theta is a national history honor society. The Athens State Alpha Beta Lambda chapter was established at then Athens State College in 1984. For more information contact Dr. Sean Busick by email or call (256) 233-6512.

Students may join this organization as a transfer students who are Phi Theta Kappa members, or as Associate members (no prior membership required). Phi Theta Kappa alumni members lead, mentor, and promote Phi Theta Kappa in leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and service initiatives aimed at assisting community college transfer students in achieving academic and professional goals. For more information contact Dr. Katherine Kandalec by email.

Society Website

Phi Gamma Mu is the international society in the social sciences. The society’s mission is to encourage and recognize superior scholarship in social science disciplines and to foster cooperation and social service among its members. For more information contact Harry Joiner by email or call (256) 233-6529.

Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, whose purpose is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology. Membership is open to Psychology and Behavioral Science majors or minors who have completed two semesters (with a minimum of 12 hours overall) at Athens State University, completed 9 hours of Psychology at Athens State University, have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in Psychology or higher and top 35% of the class (3.37 GPA). Contact Dr. Janet Dorning at or Dr. Susan Owen at

Sigma Tau Delta is the international English honor society. The Athens State Kappa Zeta Chapter, founded in 1954, welcomes English majors, minors, and students seeking teacher licensure and certification in English who have appropriate academic accomplishments. For more information, contact Dr. Bebe Gish Shaw by email or call (256) 233-6522.

Theta Alpha Kappa, the National Honor Society for Religion and Theology, is dedicated to recognizing academic excellence in baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate students and in scholars in the fields of Religious Studies and Theology. Induction requires nomination by a local chapter and, to be eligible, students must have a 3.5 GPA in Religious Studies and/or Theology and a 3.0 GPA overall.  Residency, class ranking and unit requirements must also be met.  Contact Dr. Tony Moyers for more information: or (256) 233-6514.

Other Involvement Opportunities

Not considered Student Clubs or Organizations

Baptist Campus Ministries is a partnership project of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions and the local association of Baptist churches. BCM is a student-led campus organization for the purpose of reaching students for Christ and helping them grow in faithful discipleship, Christian leadership, and mission service. In Alabama BCM groups on community college campuses are primarily led by volunteers from the local association of churches and the campus community. Alabama Baptists have Baptist Campus Ministry groups on all public four-year colleges and universities as well as most community college campuses in our state.

For more information contact Dr. Robert White at or call (256) 233-6541.

The Heritage Reading Council is a local affiliate of the Alabama Reading Association and the International Reading Association which promotes literacy and literacy education. The organization is open to preservice teachers, in-service teachers, librarians, administrators, parents, and laypersons interested in reading as a means of learning and as the worthy use of leisure time. The organization is open to all Athens State University students and encourages their membership. For more information contact Dr. Cathy Woodruff by email or call (256) 216-6614.


It is not uncommon for groups to become inactive for a year if there is a change in membership or leadership. It is also very common for a new class of students to express a desire to reignite an inactive group. To re-activate a current student group, at least five students are needed with a petition for recognition.

The American Association of University Women Student Organization (AAUW) is an organization that empowers women and girls individually and collectively. For more than 130 years, the organization has sought to improve women's lives in the areas of equal pay, leadership, scholarship, gender equity, and public policy. The Student Organization was added to the AAUW national organization in the fall of 2014. For more information regarding the AAUW Student Organization, please contact Dr. Wanda Humphrey by email or by calling 256-216-6624.

The purpose of the Behavioral Science Club is to provide students interested in the social sciences an avenue for expanding their knowledge in psychology, sociology, and behavioral science while providing a sense of identity for the majors.  Students are afforded opportunities for professional development, intellectual discussions of social issues, and exploration of applied aspects of the field.  Contact Dr. James Gadberry for more information: or (256) 233-6539.

The purpose of the Gay-Straight Alliance is to foster an active and diverse culture at Athens State University. The Gay-Straight Alliance provides opportunities for students to build friendships and encourages open-mindedness and diversity within the community. For more information, contact faculty advisor, Dr. Tedi Gordon, by phone at 256-216-6609 or by email.

The Athens State University Pre-Law Society is a student group for those interested in attending law school or just wondering what it is like to be a lawyer. The Pre-Law Society conducts meetings and events throughout the year focused on the law school admissions process, preparation for the LSAT, and the general experience of being a practicing attorney. For more information, contact: Dr. Jeff Blankenship at (256) 233-6510 or

The Write Club is affiliated with the Writing Center at Athens State University; its purpose is to create an environment that acknowledges and fosters student interests in various endeavors pertaining to writing. For more information, contact Dr. Chet Breaux at or call (256)216-6670.

The Wesley Fellowship is a campus ministry that met on campus weekly. The Fellowship welcomes all students in becoming involved with missions, service projects, Bible studies, and fellowship. For more information, contact Cathy Brett by email or call (256) 233-8101.

Multicultural Student Association - contact Dr. Quanda Stevenson.

The goal of Students of Scripture is to encourage interested individuals to study the Bible. We hope to conduct regular (weekly) meetings in which the Bible's text will be presented and discussed. For more information, contact Kelly Leigeber at