Chick-fil-A Cullman Enters Learning Partnership with Athens State

Chick-fil-A Cullman Enters Learning Partnership with Athens State

Dateline: June 10, 2019

Athens State University is pleased to announce a new learning partnership with Chick-fil-A Cullman. The learning partnership is designed to assist Chick-fil-A Cullman employees and their immediate family members in achieving their educational goals in career appropriate disciplines through accessible online and traditional classroom settings and an affordable, low-cost tuition structure.

Benefits of the learning partnership include:

  • 10% tuition discount on all classes
  • Waived application fee
  • Complimentary evaluation of previously earned educational credits and training/professional certifications/portfolio for consideration of transfer credit

These benefits extend to the parents, spouse, and children of the learning partner employee/member, as well.

The unique tuition structure approach is designed to extend Athens State’s outreach in the recruitment of new students, while serving to meet the relevant workforce readiness needs of employers in the state of Alabama and beyond.

Athens State has also established Learning Partnerships with Lyons HR, Nemak, Five Stones Research Corporation, and EFi Automotive. Visit for more information.