Athens State Ranked #1 in Alabama for Non-Traditional Students

Athens State Ranked #1 in Alabama for Non-Traditional Students

Dateline: October 15, 2018

Athens State University has been named one of the best colleges and universities for non-traditional students in the state of Alabama by College Factual’s 2019 rankings. Ranked #1 out of 21 schools in Alabama, Athens State was recognized as “the best college in the state for returning adults and other non-traditional students.” The University has upheld this ranking for the past two years.

Non-traditional students are those who fall outside the “norm” of typical student parameters; they are classified as those who attend school part-time, are over the age of 25, and/or are either attending school for the first time or returning after an absence. As the number of non-traditional students continues to grow in college populations across the country, Athens State University is an ideal school to cater to these students’ unique needs by providing affordability, quality, and a large selection of online courses.

On a larger scale, Athens State University was also ranked #37 out of 1,159 colleges and universities nationwide for    non-traditional students. This puts Athens State in the top 5% of schools in the nation for returning adults and other     non-traditional students seeking a valuable option for continuing studies that fit their individual ways of life.