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“More than half (56%) of students with PLA-earned credit earned a postsecondary degree within seven years, while only one in five (20%) of students who did not use PLA earned a degree” (Fueling the Race to Postsecondary Success, year, CAEL).

Across every dimension, including student age, gender, race/ethnicity/ grade point average, or financial aid receipt, PLA students displayed better graduation rates than non-PLA students.

“Some of the cardinal rules in educating adults are not to waste their time and to respect the richness of their experiences. Credit for prior learning is respectful of their time and their experience, as well as of their money” (Desiree Bruce, CAEL, 2012, Not Too Late for School, p.5).

The ADP seeks to provide a streamlined pathway to degree completion for working adults. Many of these individuals have acquired learning outside of the traditional academic environment through work experience, on-the-job training, and/or employer training programs. That learning can be assessed for college-level credit through Athens State University’s Adult Degree Program. Both the individual worker and the employer benefit through the process of granting credit for prior learning.

Individual Worker Benefits

  • Gains college credit for existing knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Shortens their time to degree completion
  • Validates their level of knowledge, skills, and abilities

Employer Benefits

  • Lower tuition reimbursement costs to students who receive credit for prior learning
  • Degreed and professional workforce