Adult Degree Program

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Where experience and knowledge count toward your degree.

What is the ADP?

A program designed to assist adults in applying their experience and knowledge as college credit toward a Bachelor’s degree.

You have worked hard and we recognize that some of your knowledge and experience may be at the college level. The ADP at Athens State University is designed to offer college credit for the college-level knowledge adults have learned outside the classroom.

Who is the ADP for?

You might be a lot closer to earning your bachelor's degree than you think.

Anyone who has the experience, certificates, licenses, or training, and meets the minimum requirements and wants to accelerate their career is a candidate for the Adult Degree Program at Athens State University.

For more information about awarded academic credit for certificates and licenses, visit the ADP Resources page.

To be admitted into the Adult Degree Program a student must have worked at least 5 years, have some college credit, and have never received a BS degree.

Why choose the ADP?

If you have the knowledge the ADP program can provide an efficient, cost-effective, and customized path to earn your degree.

Time & Money
All degrees are accredited, offered online, and with the lowest tuition rates in the state Athens State University is simply the smart way to go college.

Custom Options
Your experience is unique and the ADP program will be customized through individual counseling to fit your schedule and your goals.

How to get started?

We understand that returning to school can be intimidating and confusing and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Get started today by completing our contact form and we’ll contact you to discuss how the Adult Degree Program can help you earn your degree.