Often times children with autism are visual learners. There are some great apps and software available with pictures to appeal to this learning style. Such are straightforward and the language is clear and idioms are not used, which is easier to process and understand.

Here are a few apps that come recommended. Share some others that you use, too.

BirdhouseBirdhouse – for Autism

Android rating: ★★★★✩
Price: Free

All parents need help staying organized, but parents of children with autism may have even greater needs. With Birdhouse, parents and caregivers can keep track of behavior, medical information, schedules, nutrition, and more. You can track your child’s diet and sleep cycles, too. The app also lets you track changes in their medication and notes from their therapy sessions as well.

Endless ReaderEndless Reader

iPhone rating: ★★★★★
Android rating:★★★★★
Price: Free

One of the first steps in learning to read is recognizing sight words, which are some of the most commonly used words in children’s books. Endless Reader begins here, teaching children the words most important in learning to develop reading skills. The app and first package of words are free! The app uses colorful monsters and fun sounds to keep users entertained and engaged.

Let Me TalkLetMeTalk

iPhone rating: ★★★★★
Android rating: ★★★★★
Price: Free

Some children and adults on the autism spectrum are completely nonverbal. LetMeTalk is designed for them. It utilizes augmentative and alternative communication, allowing users to select images to create sentences. The app contains more than 9,000 images and allows users to create a profile that stores their personal vocabulary. Bilingual families can even switch between languages.

iWrite WordsiWriteWords (Handwriting Game)

iPhone rating: ★★★★✩
Price: $2.99

iWriteWords teaches your child handwriting while playing a fun and entertaining game. This game uses letters and numbers to help children with dexterity and handwriting. You and your child will enjoy tracing your finger along those necessary building blocks of language.

LAMPLAMP Words For Life

iPhone rating: ★★★★✩
Price: $299.99

The LAMP Words for Life language system is a full language program that combines the power of PRC’s Unity language system with Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) principles and strategies. Throughout the language learning process, the motor patterns used to say words remain consistent to allow for the development of quick and easy communication.