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Tech Tips: March 2020

Social Skills Apps, like Social Stories, are designed to specifically target and improve skills needed for successful social interaction. Research also indicates that older students are more likely to pursue college majors and careers in STEM fields. STEM3 Academy offers students with ASD and other learning challenges a rich STEM-based curriculum to capitalize on their natural strengths

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Tech Tips: January 2020

Websites & Blogs of the leading autism science and advocacy organizations. Autism Speaks provides a comprehensive resource guide for all states. The site also boasts an impressive list of apps that parents may find useful, including games that focus on communication and social skills. - This blog is designed to be a resource

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Tech Tips

Often times children with autism are visual learners. There are some great apps and software available with pictures to appeal to this learning style. Such are straightforward and the language is clear and idioms are not used, which is easier to process and understand. Here are a few apps that come recommended. Share some others that you use, too.

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